The Voice of Understanding: Exploring Divine Wisdom Through the Word of Life

  Listening to the Word of Life: Unfolding God's Thoughts in Christ Dear Beloved, Greetings in the matchless name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. May the peace that surpasses all understanding fill your hearts and minds as we explore together the profound concept of the "Word of life." In this letter, I wish to delve into the depths of this term and share its implications for our faith journey. As we open the Gospel of John, we encounter the awe-inspiring declaration: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God" (John 1:1, NIV). Contained within these words is a revelation that transcends human comprehension. The Word is more than communication; it is the living expression of God's divine nature. Consider our own human experiences. Often, our thoughts remain veiled within our minds until we find the words to convey them. Similarly, the profound thoughts, intentions, and nature of God remained enshrouded until the app

The Hidden Theft Within:

A Reflection on the Commandment of Not Stealing


In the realm of ethical teachings, the commandment of not stealing stands as a pillar of integrity and respect for one another's possessions. While its outward implications are clear, let us embark on a journey of introspection, exploring the metaphorical implications of this commandment within our own lives. Just as we would not want to steal from others, let us contemplate why we should not steal from ourselves and the hidden treasures we may inadvertently jeopardize.

1. The Theft of Self-Worth:

Imagine a scenario where we stealthily rob ourselves of our own worth. Through self-deprecation, negative self-talk, and comparison, we pilfer the treasures of our intrinsic value. Just as we would feel anguish if someone were to steal our possessions, we must recognize the importance of preserving our self-worth. Each of us is uniquely crafted by a loving Creator, deserving of respect and love, both from others and from ourselves.

2. The Pilfering of Dreams:

Consider the dreams and aspirations that dwell within us. When we succumb to doubt, fear, or complacency, we unwittingly steal the potential for those dreams to manifest. Just as we would feel robbed if someone snatched away our ambitions, we should guard against stealing them from ourselves. Let us nurture our dreams, cultivate perseverance, and work diligently to bring them to fruition.

3. The Embezzlement of Time:

Time, the most valuable currency of our lives, can be misappropriated if we do not honor it. When we allow distractions, procrastination, or unhealthy habits to consume our precious moments, we rob ourselves of the opportunity to invest in meaningful pursuits. Just as we would be outraged if someone were to steal our time, let us become vigilant guardians of this invaluable resource, cherishing it and allocating it wisely.

4. The Plundering of Inner Peace:

Picture a thief stealthily sneaking into our hearts and minds, stealing our inner peace and replacing it with turmoil and anxiety. When we surrender to negative thoughts, grudges, or unresolved conflicts, we strip ourselves of the serenity we deserve. Just as we would feel violated if someone were to steal our tranquility, we must safeguard it, nurturing a peaceful and forgiving spirit within ourselves.


As we reflect on the commandment of not stealing, let us awaken to the metaphorical implications within our own lives. Just as we would abhor the idea of someone pilfering our possessions, let us recognize the need to protect ourselves from the hidden theft that occurs within. May we treasure our self-worth, safeguard our dreams, honor our time, and cultivate inner peace. By doing so, we embrace the fullness of life, living in harmony with the commandments and embodying the love and respect we extend to others, even within our own souls.

In the Name of Jesus Christ. 

Amen 🙏 

JK. Woodall, Ph.D.



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